are coffee pouches better than coffee for keeping you awake?
May 10th 2018

are coffee pouches better than coffee for keeping you awake?

Coffee pouches are a different way to get your daily caffeine kick. Rather than brewing a pot of coffee, or just a single cup if you have a Keurig, you just pop in a pouch and head out. No muss, no fuss. While coffee dip is often seen as an alternative to a troublesome chewing tobacco habit, they can also be an alternative to a habit that, while troublesome, is looked at as part of everyday life – a coffee habit.

It can be hard to look at coffee consumption as a habit or caffeine as an addictive substance. It’s just so normal, right? After all, 83 percent of American adults drink it daily. Because coffee is such a part of our daily lives and culture, we sometimes forget to look at what effect it is having on us. We won’t tell you to swear off coffee in this post or only ever use Java Chews but we will share some surprising facts you may not know about caffeine, coffee, coffee alternatives & coffee chew.

Let’s look at three ways a cup of joe and a coffee pouch are different.

  • Addiction: Like it or not caffeine is addictive. It may seem like a harmless part of your daily routine and depending on how much you use it, it may just be. But there are plenty of people who consume too much and suffer insomnia, anxiety and withdraws if they skip it for the day. Here’s the hard truth. Studies have shown that as little as 100 mg of caffeine per day can cause physical dependence . That’s about one cup per day. However, people have very different tolerances for caffeine and “physical dependence” is a broad definition, marked by withdrawals ranging from a mild headache to depression. The important point is you may be surprised how few energy drinks or coffees you need to consume daily to develop symptoms of addiction. The difference with coffee snuff or pouches like Java Chews is that the caffeine concentration is much lower. Java Chews gives you 24 mg per pouch and is released more slowly.


  • Caffeine Overload: We’ve all headed back to the break room for one-too-many cups of joe before, or reached for an energy drink not knowing they can contain up to 242 mg . Too much caffeine can lead to insomnia, restlessness and nervousness often called “the jitters.” It can also have more physical effects like stomach irritation, nausea, vomiting and increased heart rate. It’s hard to tell what level of intake will lead to these kinds of results, as every person has a different tolerance. However, there is some surprising research on another form of caffeine overload, the crash. Crashing is when you have too much caffeine and end up more tired than before. Research shows it only takes about two cups of coffee or 200 mg to lead to a crash. Chewable coffee usually contains about 1/4 a cup per pouch allowing you to better control how much caffeine is in your system at one time. This can be a huge benefit when trying to avoid a crash or any other side effect listed above.


  • Convenience: Coffee is everywhere and there seems to be a Starbucks on every corner. However, adding an extra stop on your morning commute is not always convenient. Also, sometimes it’s too hot for hot coffee and iced isn’t available. Lastly, we’ve talked a lot about how you need to know how much caffeine you’re getting and with random coffee shops or energy drinks you may not have the time to poor over all the nutritional information. With coffee dip pouches, you always know what you are getting and don’t have to worry about reading the fine print.


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