6 Things To Ask Yourself Before Buying Coffee Pouches
Nov 17th 2017

6 Things To Ask Yourself Before Buying Coffee Pouches

Chewing tobacco alternatives like coffee pouches have become wildly popular in the last few years. And for good reason. Used in much the same way as chewing tobacco, they are helping tobacco-users quit the dip, reduce the health risks associated with tobacco and save the money they’d waste on an expensive habit.

Instead of nicotine and the 30 cancer-causing chemicals found in dip, users chew on coffee dip or coffee pouches. The delicious coffee taste comes from real coffee beans and other natural flavors. The ingredients are held in a pouch until the moisture inside your mouth releases them in a burst of flavor. And instead of getting a buzz from nicotine, the flavored coffee produces a mild caffeine boost; about the same amount as in 1/4 cup of joe.

But not all favored-coffee pouches are created equal. So, what makes some coffee pouches better than others? Ask yourself these questions:

  1.  Are the flavored-coffee pouches made in the US?

We all prefer to buy products that are made in America by American workers for obvious reasons: Like supporting manufacturing jobs. But there are less obvious ones to consider too: such as the loss of freshness that can occur when food products are transported over long distances and times.

Products made outside the US can take weeks longer to reach stores and warehouses, so they may not be as fresh. To counter this, manufacturers add more preservatives which can affect favor and healthfulness.

For example, the leading coffee dip pouches are manufactured 8500 miles away in an overseas facility and can be in transit up to two months or longer, depending on backups at U.S. customs facilities. Those delays could affect freshness, moisture content and even the intensity of flavors.

Java Chews are made in the USA, so the flavor-packed coffee chew pouches reach distribution points in a matter of days. Plus, Java Chews arrive in tightly sealed tins using the latest pouch technology, which improves the flavor flow even more!

That makes Java Chews one pick-me-up that won’t let you down.

  1. Are the coffee pouches made in an FDA-approved facility? 

Java Chews are manufactured in FDA-approved facilities using FDA-approved ingredients.

  1. Are the coffee pouches preferred by consumers in blind taste tests?

In blind taste tests, Java Chews consistently outperformed the leading coffee pouch product.

Here’s what some of the participants had to say:

“[The leading coffee pouch product] has nothing on Java Chews… the flavor lasts twice as long easily and pretty damn moist. Little bit of heaven in a pouch! My smoking has cut back about 25% since I started these.”

“I was really surprised by how long the flavor lasted, over an hour. It’s helped me smoke less cigarettes. I would definitely recommend. If I was a chewer I think I could kick the habit with this product. Good Job Java Chews!”

“Used to order [leading coffee pouch product] fairly regularly until I sampled Java Chews. Will never look back, this is bar none the best coffee chew product on the market.”

“Guys at work loved it, so did I. Great product has great flavor.”

Java Chews - Comparison Graphic - Coffee Pouches

  1. Does the flavor last up to an hour or longer?

In user taste tests, Java Chews flavor consistently met or exceeded expectations, lasting an hour or longer in some cases.

  1. Is the product backed by a Satisfaction Guarantee? 

At Java Chews, quality and flavor are more than just lip service. We’re so confident that you’ll prefer the taste of Java Chews over the leading flavored-coffee pouches, we’ll refund the purchase price of any unopened tins returned to our warehouse. That’s putting our money where your mouth is.

  1. Has the product been endorsed or reviewed by a leading industry organization? 

Hear what had to say about Java Chews:

“[Java Chews were] super fresh upon opening.”

“…very consistent from flavor to flavor”

“[French Vanilla] reminded me of a nice and inviting cup of coffee that you’d get walking into a small coffee shop.”

“BAM. Java Chews just hit their stride in a big bad way. From the get go this one [Caramel] was different and it really packed a punch flavor wise. The caramel flavoring came through huge here and vaulted this one to the top of the list.”

“[Mocha delivered] outstanding flavor…with a hint of chocolate.”

“[If you’re a coffee fan] I’d absolutely recommend giving Java Chews a try.

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