Apr 27th 2018


Do you rely on coffee to get through your day? You’re not alone! A recent study found that 64% of Americans drink a cup of coffee every day, up from 62% in 2017, and the highest percentage since 2012. In 2016, Americans consumed 88.8 gallons of coffee per capita, more than carbonated drinks and tea combined. On the other hand, a survey of European workers revealed that 29% of workers said that they didn't drink coffee because they didn't have time or were too busy to drink coffee at work. Whether you’re someone who doesn’t have time to enjoy the benefits of coffee, or someone who relies on the caffeine boost too much, coffee pouches like Java Chews can help.

  1. Office workers: Many office professionals consider coffee the thing that keeps them going, and can’t imagine kicking off their morning commute, first meeting or afternoon deadline without a cup of hot coffee on their desk.There are countless jokes and office banter associated with needing that flow of caffeine to get through the day, not to mention the many late nights that can come with the job. Popping in Java Chews’ coffee dip pouches not only gives you the boost you need without all the jittery effects of too much coffee, but it also helps increase productivity—less time away from your desk grabbing a cup of joe, reheating it or running to the restroom. Savor the flavor of Mocha, Caramel or French Vanilla (or Wintergreen if you’re looking for something minty!) and crush your goals quickly and easily.

  2. Truckers: Did you know drowsy driving has been found to be just as dangerous as drunk driving? Truckers spend more time on the road than most, and while there are laws in place to prevent them from staying on the road too long, imagine a job where you show up 52 weeks in a row and are never drowsy. That’s just not realistic. So, what can truckers do to stay safe? Caffeine can help but how you get that caffeine matters more than you may think.

    If you’re a big coffee drinker you’re likely familiar with the term crashing: when you suddenly feel like the coffee has worn off and no matter how much more you drink, it doesn’t help. What you may not know is more coffee is likely what caused the crash in the first place. Our systems can only handle so much caffeine at one time before we are overloaded by it. The magic number is about 200 mg which is roughly two cups of coffee. Coffee chew like Java Chews only have 24 mg per pouch and are released into your system more slowly, so there’s less chance of a coffee crash, or real one.

  3. Baseball players: While Java Chews is a great coffee alternative, it’s also a way to help smokeless tobacco users kick a nasty habit. There is nowhere this habit has been more pervasive than in sports and in particular baseball.Chewing tobacco use in Major League Baseball became so bad it had to be banned in many stadiums. Even after these bans, it is estimated 25 percent of players in the MLB chew. Coffee dip helps people and players kick the habit because coffee mimics the effects of chew. Also, studies have shown a large part of addictive behaviors are attributed to the habits you form. Habits, routine and even superstitions are important in sports and especially baseball. Research has shown almost have of the actions humans take in a day are habitual.If you play baseball or any other sport and have picked up a chewing tobacco habit or are worried you might, consider a safe, tobacco free dip coffee snuff alternative like Java Chews

  4. Shift workers: When you’re working late nights or swing shift, maintaining your energy level is going to be a problem. Late night workers have to deal with a lack of sunlight which signals to the brain it is time to wake up. Working odd hours offsets our internal clocks and for a night shift worker, this can be dangerous. Many factory workers work night shifts and operate heavy machinery. Swing shift workers have an even worse time with sleep schedules. Remember what we said earlier about habits? Now imagine if you had to work two morning shifts and two night shifts, on different days each week. Your instinct may be to chug as much coffee as you can get your hands on but as we discussed earlier, too much coffee will only lead to a crash.

There are lots of other professions who could benefit from a crash-free, slow release coffee alternative. And regardless of profession, if you’re dealing with a chewing tobacco addiction, coffee dip pouches and dip alternatives can help you quit. Whatever your line of work, if coffee helps you get the job done, there’s a smarter way to get your caffeine .

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